Collaboration with OMA

Partner: Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli

Photography by Cyrille Weiner (Courtesy of Repossi)

Photography by Delfino Sisto Legnani + Marco Cappelletti (Courtesy of OMA)

Architecture firm OMA asked Studio Sabine Marcelis to collaborate with developing special materials to be applied in the new Repossi Flagship store at 6, Place Vendome, Paris.

“The underlying idea for the design was to synthesis architecture and display, using the whole space as a stage for Repossi’s production. Unconventional materials were used, emphasising this relationship and pulling away from the typical jewellery store.” -OMA

A library of laminated glass, mirror and aluminium panels was created which were used to clad the interior of the three levels and introduce diverse degrees of reflections and color refractions.

The Basement uses warm tones, the ground floor utilises a rotating billboard clad in 2 different tones of mirror and laminated aluminium with glass. The top floor, a cold colour wash of misty semi-reflective glass.

The store opened its doors in July 2016.