Wine-making is a rewarding and enjoyable activity. However, the available equipment is bulky and aesthetically unappealing. Until now, wine-making has been something done in garages and basements, hidden away from view. This a real shame because it is such a beautiful process. Starting with crushing fruit, adding ingredients and nurturing the fermentation process through to maturity is captivating. The wine is a living, breathing entity which deserves an audience to witness it maturing.

‘HOUSE WINE’ is an all-in-one homebrew installation which celebrates the process of wine-making by bringing it into our living space. An installation which requires nurturing and care and exists as a calming presence in the home.

Graduation Project Bachelor of Design, Design Academy Eindhoven 2011.

-Braunprize 2012, National winner ‘Best Student project, Benelux’ 2012

-Finalist ‘Rene Smeets award’, The Netherlands, 2011

-Finalist ‘Keep An Eye grant’, The Netherlands, 2011

YEAR: 2011