This design was the winning entree for the international ‘Concours de design AIR FRANCE-KLM FRANCE’ design contest. The brief asked for a new and innovative design solution for their meal service. Two sets of tableware were designed; for both economy class and business class.

PICNIC is a new way of serving in-flight meals inspired by the French picnic tradition.

It offers a unique dining experience, strengthens the company’s French identity and deals with important sustainability issues.

Composed of a tower of stacked containers, it allows the passenger to distribute his meal as he wishes, without the restriction of a tray. He unwraps the tablecloth and arranges the containers in the most comfortable way for him.

The containers serve as lids for each other, and thus eliminating the need for any disposable wrapping. The space used to store these towers is almost half that used to store trays, considerably reducing the weight, fuel and emission of gases produced by the airplane.

Materials used also stay in the theme of weight reduction and environmental friendliness. PICNIC is made using organic textiles, bioplastics, glass and air-infused porcelain.

Concours de design AIR FRANCE-KLM FRANCE 2009

In collaboration with:
Paula Colchero

YEAR: 2009